White Collar Criminal Defense

Today corporations and small businesses, including their officers, directors and managers, far too often find themselves within the ambit of a criminal investigation for any number of white collar crimes, including wire and mail fraud, SEC violations, FCPA violations, violations of anti-kickback statutes.  With the never ending expansion of business crimes and theories of criminal liability for corporations and their executives, what previously would be considered a regulatory violation subject to a relatively low civil penalty is now often considered a federal and state felony, subjecting corporations to astronomical criminal fines, monitorships and debarments and individuals to lengthy prison terms.

Demeo LLP’s criminal group, led by Tracy Miner, is well equipped to help corporations and individuals respond to criminal investigations and charges of any kind at every stage.  With a proven track record of acquittals at trials and successful pre-trial resolutions, the Firm’s attorneys command the respect of prosecutors and judges alike.  With years of experience of zealous advocacy for executives at every level, the Firm’s attorneys understand the corporate regulatory environments in which their clients operate.  They know the difference between intentional criminal activity and good faith management decisions undertaken with the intent to comply with the law and can effectively advocate for non-criminal resolutions to criminal investigations.

Representative engagements which have been resolved without criminal convictions include:
  • Sales representatives and managers of pharmaceutical companies against allegations of violations of the Medicare Anti-Kickback statute and off-label promotion.
  • Corporations and their executives against allegations of bribery, foreign and domestic, as well as campaign finance violations.
  • A real estate attorney against charges of bank fraud arising out of defaulted mortgage loan obligations.
  • Political office holders against allegations of extortion, misuse of public funds and conflicts of interest.
  • Individuals and professionals charged with tax crimes and making false statements to Government agencies.